Delta Kappa Phi is a national fraternity organized in 1899 and incorporated in 1905. It is the oldest textile fraternity in America. The overall purpose of the fraternity is the promotion and encouragement of a fraternal relationship among its members; the furtherance of social enjoyment among its members; and the advancement of the interests of its members in acquiring a thorough education in engineering, the sciences or the liberal arts.

Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity of America, Inc. held its 55th National Convention at Beta Chapter, 9 Mount Hope Street, Lowell, Massachusetts on April 30, 2017 convening a 1:00 pm. With twenty active and alumni brothers present, the six official National Convention delegates unanimously elected a state officers to assume the positions of Supreme Consul [president], Supreme Pro Consul [Vice president], Supreme Annotator [secretary], Supreme Custodian [treasurer] and two Trustees pursuant to prescribed process in the Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity of America, Inc. Constitution.

The purpose of our fraternity is to take particular pride in supporting students to achieve success in their studies and reaching out to the local community as a service organization. The National Council will continually strive to advance the aims and interests of it's brothers by exposing them to the rewards of participating in various charitable works, engaging in a wide variety of activities and athletics, as well as providing social options for students.

Especially for the active brothers, the National Council encourages achieving high scholastic success and strong personal ideals. The National Council encourages participation in all school activities including clubs, government, athletic and others. We truly believe in well-rounded character development. The Brotherhood ideals, both social and professional, form lifelong bonds.

The following information identifies the history of the National Fraternity:

Chapter Founding College/University Address Installed Active/Disbanded Members
Alpha Philadelphia Textile School Philadelphia, PA 1899 Disbanded 1960s 888
Beta Lowell Textile School Lowell, MA 1902 Active 1632
Gamma Rhode Island School of Design Providence, RI 1917 Disbanded -
Delta New Bedford Textile School New Bedford, M 1917 Disbanded 1998 1018
Kappa North Carolina State College Raleigh, NC 1948 Disbanded 2012 930
Theta Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 1949 Disbanded 1960s 303

College/University Chronology

Current Web Site:
 Philadelphia University (1999-today)
 Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science (1961-1999)
 Philadelphia Textile Institute (1942-1961)
 Philadelphia Textile School (1894-1942)

Current Web Site:
 University of Mass Massachusetts Lowell (1991-today)
 University of Lowell (1976-1991)
 Lowell Technological Institute (1953-1975)
 Lowell Textile Institute (1929-1953)
 Lowell Textile School (1895-1929)

Current Web Site:
 Rhode Island School of Design (1877-today)

Current Web Site:
 University of Mass Massachusetts Dartmouth (1991-today)
 Southeastern Massachusetts University (1969-1991)
 Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute (1964-1969)
 New Bedford Institute of Textiles and Technology (1957-1964)
 New Bedford Textile Institute (1946-1957)
 New Bedford Textile School (1899-1946)

Current Web Site:
 North Carolina State University (1962-today)
 North Carolina State College (1956-1962)
 University of North Carolina (1931-1956)
 North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (1918-1931)
 North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (1887-1918)
 Georgia Institute of Technology (1948-today)
 Georgia School of Technology (1885-1948)

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